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Armor Glass® Solar/Hurricane film saves energy and “Armors Your Glass!”

Our Energy Star certified security window films:

  • Come in Clear or Solar Tint (8 mil to 14 mil)
  • Protects & Saves energy (enough to pay for itself) - Cuts up to 79% of solar heat
  • "Armors Your Glass" from window breach by Burglars, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Vandals, and Explosion*.
  • Blocks 99% of harmful UV rays that cause fading and skin cancer.
  • Costs a Fraction of Alternatives: Impact Glass, Shutters, etc.
  • Passed the Large Missile Impact Test/ Level 2 Blast certified

Our Armor Glass® security films "armor your glass" from breach by burglars, solar heat, hurricanes, tornadoes, explosions, golf balls, etc. At the same time it saves enough energy to pay for itself over time. It is an "Energy Star" product and "carbon negative" meaning that it saves more energy than it takes to make it.

Glass is your buildings weakest link. Armor Glass solar/hurricane film is the best USA-made, certified window security film available and costs a fraction of impact glass and shutters. It works 24/7. No more "boarding up!"  It is the same film used on DC Federal buildings after 9/11, including the Pentagon. We installed it on a lady's house recently. Five (5) days later someone tried to break in, and failed!

Armor Glass® security films cut up to 79% of solar heat penetrating a window (which cuts energy use). They have passed the Large Missile Impact Test (4.5 lb Level "C") and GSA3b/3a Level 2 Blast certified.

Caution: SOLAR FILM IS NOT SECURITY FILM! Solar film is only 2 mil thick. It blocks only the sun but not wind-borne debris that breaks a window, allowing internal wind pressure that pushes off the roof, leading to structural collapse in a storm. A brick will penetrate both the window and the thin solar film.  Security Film (which is 8 mil thick or more) can also be Solar (tinted) film, and save enough energy to pay for itself, while also providing window breach protection.

Not all "Security" Film is secure.  Has it passed the Large Missile hurricane or GSA Blast tests?  Untested  products often fail when you need them the most.

Armor Glass®  security films are certified.  That's why there is no substitute. Check out the test video (bottom right). Click on our Armor Glass Blog to see latest updates!


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